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Memorial Glass

Precious cremation ash can be incorporated into molten glass to make truly unique jewellery and miniature keepsakes.

I love the way ash sparkles inside the glass, looking like little stars or glints of light on water, depending on how I use it in the piece.

Below are some examples of memorial glass I've made, if you have some ash you'd like to turn into a little work of art we can discuss what you'd like, creating something personal to you, there are many options available. I feel privileged to work with something meaningful and special, and I'm very happy to talk about the making process, so please do send me a message if you' have some ash from a loved one or beloved pet you'd like to include in glass, or if you'd just like to know a little more before deciding.

cremains drama 1.jpg
memorial shape 1.jpg
memorial spinner 1.jpg
memorial spinner 2.jpg
memorial spinner 3.jpg
memorial urn firey 5.jpg
memorial urn seascape 3.jpg
memorial bead 1.jpg
memorial urn sparkle 1.jpg
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