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Orange Sky, Might Sea pendant

Orange Sky, Might Sea pendant

SKU: LW0011

Tumbled soda glass little world bead pendant, with a midnight ocean, under a bright orange sky, approximately 20mm across the widest point and 35mm tall (including sterling silver findings).

This pendant has a different pattern in the glass on each side, so it can be worn either way round, it has been tumbled and waxed to give a matte, velvety, sea glass finish.

This pendant doesn't come with a chain or cord, you can put it on your own favourite chain or find a few options here on my chains and cords page. If you add a chain or cord to your pendant purchace I will make it up into a necklace, securing the ends, unless you include a note in your order requesting the items to be seperate.

Please note that colours will vary across different machines, and the colour in the glass appears to change depending on the light.

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