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More than just glass.

When I was applying for a business grant last year it was suggested by a few people that a blog might be a good idea. I put it off for a year because much as I like chatting, I wasn't sure if I could keep up a weekly glass/fire chat blog. I was right, of course I can't bring you interesting glass related information every week! So my options are, far less frequent glass related blogging only. Or frequent blogging with a variety of topics that I find interesting, more than just glass.

I'm going to choose the second option for now, until I get a host of messages asking me to stop.

So here are a few things you can expect from me, with my current life routine and personal interests.

Glass and fire, always, I'll try to keep this the most frequent subject.

A set of seven little glass jars with drops of rainbow coloured glass imploded inside.

Cornwall Life, I love where I live, I feel so lucky to be in such a beautiful part of the world, and so much of my work is inspired by what I see every day, so expect some regular landscape snaps.

View from Pendeen, Cornwall out to Gurnards Head.

Mum stuff, I have a magical little daughter who's currently 3.5 years old, she consumes all my time and headspace when I'm not melting glass. She reminds me to slow down and look at the detail, to remember the joy in nature's treasure, to keep my imagination alive, and that ruckels in clothing are really very serious!

Three year old girl with a daisy in homemade clothes using fabric from Modes 4  U

House stuff, I have a little 1930's house in Newlyn, with a never ending list of jobs, sometimes these creep up the list of importance above all things Seafire Design, this last fortnight I've been doing an essential bathroom overhaul, thankfully it's all done apart from replacing the rusty radiator, which I can't do.

My completed DIY bathroom project, showing the new floor and gold ceiling.

Food, I try and cook something for my family every evening, generally I fail to entice the small one, but because it's so rare to find something she'll eat beyond her few staples, I might triumphantly present the winners here, just in case you're as stuck as I am!

Sewing, I love to sew, I used to sew for a job, now it's a hobby, what a joy (see above photo of the small one).

Drawing/painting, when there's time, if there's time, there's not often time, but it's another love.

Audio, in the background to much of the above I listen to podcasts and audiobooks, so if it's been a particularly good aural week I'll mention my favourites, currently I've got Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe's Parenting Hell on while I upload these blog photos.

And perhaps the occasional trip.

How's that sound?

Tiddly pom.

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