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When it gets too hot in the shed.

We're pretty lucky with the weather down here in Newlyn, when it's scorching in the cities we have a glorious sea breeze to keep things comfortable, but even with that perk it can sometimes get a bit too hot in the shed. The oxygen generator and torch both kick out a good bit of heat, and the shed is beautifully insulated to retain it. The sun creeps round and shines down on my aluminum roof by noon, so on hotter days I give up.

This week it got too much on Wednesday afternoon, so I decided to give my little yard a bit of a tidy up.

I rearranged the bigger pots outside the shed, pulled out a few dead plants, banished an army of slugs determined to ruin our cannas, and gave everything a good sweep. We have a beautiful rambling rose and passion flower growing to make a green fence, both are flowering beautifully at the moment, and a rogue allium has just popped out like a firework.

My lampwork studio shed in my summer yard, with flowering passion flower, rose and allium..

During lockdown, while heavily pregnant I decided to jolly up the walls around our little yard, they tended to go green fairly easily so I thought some colourful murals would help disguise that. I had already made some fishy mosaics on the lower wall, so it's a bit of a mix, but they keep the space colourful all year.

Colourful murals in my yard

My daughter enjoys pottering about on the pretend grass with her watering can and ducks, it may be small but in her world it's a whole village out there, and the summer colours are brilliant inspiration for the mornings I can be in my shed!

toys on the astro turf

I'm still waiting for my next audiobook to become available, so I've been filling in the aural gaps with another favourite podcast this week, The New York Times Modern Love.

Tiddly pom!

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