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Work will have to wait...

I told myself I'd write a weekly blog, so here I am, but the post I wanted to write this week isn't quite ready. As I mentioned in my last post I've been working on something a little bit new, to tie in with something I already do. I have photos of the making process, but on Tuesday I developed a chest infection so I've had to hold fire on everything for a few days, including photographing the finished piece.

I'm not the best patient, I get very frustrated when I can't do everything I'm used to, but my daughter picked me a flower and lent me her favourite bunny, work will have to wait.

A flower my daughter picked for me on a shelf with antibiotics and her bunny

I'm very lucky to see the sea from my window and the most consistent noises in my ears this week have been seagulls (it's that time of the year in Newlyn, if you know, you know) and jackdaws.

Tiddly (cough) pom.

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