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How to catch a jellyfish! (in glass)

Miniature glass jar with a glass jellyfish floating inside

Welcome to my first ever blog post, I'd love to think I could maintain a regular informative, entertaining blog for you, maybe I can... lets see!

If you happen to have stumbled across this post looking for genuine jellyfish capture instructions, I'm afraid you could be a little disappointed, but why not stay and watch the video, in case the deep sea hunting plans don't work out.

I feel I should introduce myself, hello, I'm Freya, I live in Newlyn, Cornwall, I have always loved fire and the sea, so making little glass sea creatures in a flame ticks a few of my happy boxes.

When I'm not melting glass I'm either sleeping, doing admin or spending time with a favourite little human, my three year old daughter.

I made this video before Christmas last year to have something to display at craft fairs. People often asked if the jellyfish were real, and how I put them into the glass, I'd love to take a torch with me to demonstrate, but sometimes the glass explodes a little... so I thought a video was safer, although I found it challenging to make, not having any filming experience.

I've included notes on the film explaining what I'm doing, the process really is magical, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy the making.

The technique is called an implosion, you can find some I made earlier here, I use soft glass, coe 104, borosilicate is a joy for implosions but I've only got a very small work space and find it easier to stick to one glass type at the moment, so I'm using soft glass for the colour variety and reactions which I love when I make my little worlds.

That's all for now, happy Friday, tiddly pom.

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Hi Freya,

A fascinating video! Thank you for making and sharing it. It is a wonderful demonstration of skill, patience, craftsmanship, knowledge and creativity.


Replying to

Thank you Gary, Apologies for taking so long to reply, I've only just figured out how! I hope to make more videos this year, I do like sharing the processes.

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